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gas boiler
From 1949

Starting price including flue kit and installation.

Price quoted is the starting price for a gas boiler replacement. If you require a new installation or a bigger heater, please contact us for a quote.

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Are you planning on upgrading your system or switching to a completely new one?

Our team can install a new gas boiler for you, or replace your existing one. Gas boilers should be replaced after 8-15 years depending on the make, and we would recommend that you plan for this.

It's easier and more affordable to change your boiler while the old one is still working, rather than paying for emergency call out rates in the height of winter when available technicians tend to be hard to find.

The benefit of getting a new boiler is that it cuts fuel costs by being more efficient, and it also cuts maintenance costs by virtue of being brand new.

We encourage you to be on the safe side with your gas boiler replacement and get a new one before it becomes an emergency.

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